High Quality Charcoal - SPECIAL OFFER to Buyers/Importers of bulk charcoal. Please see link below for details and contact me for further information or to discuss terms. 1dominicryan@gmail and Whatsapp: +233263384881

We are a fully transparent & European managed business with charcoal production sites in both Ghana and Nigeria. We are seeking genuine and verifiable buyer/s for BBQ/Restaurant, Shisha (stick) and Industrial grade charcoal and inviting serious expressions of interest for orders of one to ten (or more) containers per week (5 to 50 HCC per month). All our charcoal is excellent quality, high fixed carbon content and available in break bulk or bagged. Sizes upon request, straightforward payment terms and extremely competitive prices.

WE ARE OFFERING A DISCOUNT ON NEW ORDERS UNTIL THE END OF NOVEMBER 2016. The "burning season" has now officially started and demand for charcoal is at its highest. As a consequence, most producers increase their sales price. We are reducingtheprice per metric tonne of our BBQ/Restaurant charcoal from $280 to $257 for all new client orders received and processed by the end of November.

Contact me for further details. Email: 1dominicryan@gmail.com or via Whatsapp on: +233263384881







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