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Печи для производства древесного в домаших условиях (на англ яз)

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This charcoal kiln is good for making charcoal by save alot of labour and time collect wood logs. This retort is a comercial product from biocharretort.com

The Exeter Retort is designed to be mobile so it could be shared between a number of woodland enterprises or sites. Notice how little smoke is being produced with the retort up and running

The Exeter Charcoal Retort produces very high quality barbecue charcoal or biochar in a fraction of the time taken by a traditional ring kiln. It also cuts harmful emissions by approximately 75%

The Exeter Retort is easy to handle, and can be towed on a compact trailer from site to site. This allows both time and diesel savings because it can be towed to the wood stacks rather than the present method of hauling the wood to the kiln site. Another huge saving is made by improving the wood to charcoal conversion rate from 7:1 to 4:1, with each burn effectively taking 19 hours from loading to emptying versus 48 hours with the metal ring kilns. Another big advantage, especially for us, is the opportunity to use low grade hazel cut to 2m lengths of which we have a lot!

Charcoal bigsize portable trailer retort kiln e1367669889582 Trailer mounted bigsize charcoal Kiln portable
    Charcoal bigsize portable trailer retort kiln

The advantages of this retort over a ring kiln are:

    Short burn time – can be as little as 4 hours from lighting to shut down.
    Fully transportable – trailer mounted (optional).
    Can pyrolise any type of wood – logs to twigs.
    Cleaner in operation – up to 75% fewer pollutants released.
    More efficient – 100% of wood is pyrolised. No ash or waste.
    Temperature readout – Integrated digital thermometer.
    Large retort chamber – 1.7 cubic metres.
    Easy access – retort and firebox doors at both ends.
    Easy to operate – no special skills required.

EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT method Trailer mounted bigsize charcoal Kiln portable
    EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT method

The retort was carefully designed & computer modelled to ensure that it burned off harmful particles & emissions by ducting the hot gases around & back into the retort.

EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT open and full of firewood Trailer mounted bigsize charcoal Kiln portable
    EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT open and full of firewood

When the subject wood is first heated, it enters the endothermic stage. This is where external energy (combustion in fire box) is required to start the process. During this stage, steam is given off. As the temperature rises, wood gases becomes mixed with the steam. This ‘dirty’ stage only lasts approx. 30 minutes.

ace06b182213c7ecabe725360ecf63d4 Trailer mounted bigsize charcoal Kiln portable

When the temperature reaches 375ºC, the steam has reduced & the gases, when diverted into the firebox, ignite. This is referred to as the exothermic or retorting stage, where the ignited gas jets are sufficient to complete the process of pyrolysation with no additional external energy.

By using a combination of adjusting the gaps of the firebox doors & the chimney butterfly valve, the temperature is kept below 500ºC during the retorting stage.

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/trailer-mounted … -portable/





Making charcoal in a trash dumpster
Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/making-charcoal-trash-dumpster

Trash Dumpster Retort

This is our charcoal retort made from a trash dumpster that is laid on its side and set on legs to lift it about two feet off of the ground. The dumpster is surrounded with thin sheet metal and there is a space of two inches in between the two where the flames traverse. We fuel a large fire underneath until the wood releases flammable gases. The gases spew from the bottom of the door and are directed into the firebox and will keep the fire burning until the charcoaling is complete.

Makes maybe 1/2 ton per firing.

d547836ffe42dbb6e76981a4e7ed71ad Making charcoal in a trash dumpster
trash dumpster charcoal retort kiln Making charcoal in a trash dumpster

trash dumpster charcoal retort kiln

Unloading from the roll-back. This photo gives you a better idea of the size and construction method.

05f8308e88286c462c6fd91b2eecf3ce Making charcoal in a trash dumpster

Where did it come from?
A couple of years ago some of the younger local fire fighters were setting dumpsters on fire so that they could get overtime pay for putting the fires out again. Hey this was an improvement, before dumpsters they were in the habit of lighting off abandoned farm structures and remote log homes. Anyway the dumpster was evidence in the court case and when that was over I asked the county for it and they said sure. In general, old dumpsters are readily available at large metal recycling operations. But check your local landfill first, they might have a few holey ones sitting around.

If you’re into charcaol, I highly recommend building something on this scale. Originally we were making charcoal by the barrel but the dumpster method is infinitely easier since it’ll hold boards up to 6 feet long. If you happen to be located near a wood molding or flooring mill take advantage of the fact that the cut-offs are worth practically nothing these days.

Action shot please?
I don’t have an action shot. We have learned that for compatibility-with-the-community we should run this thing during the darker hours and we call 9-1-1 before hand to tell them that there is no need to send the fire department up to the mountain again!

Here’s the requested action shot:

59741c7142085cde6f7e7aa67b8593a1 Making charcoal in a trash dumpster

Peter- no, we never used propane.

We’ve run this thing for 7 or 8 years now, I hope the recent round of repairs gives us 7 or 8 more! The main thing I wish we’d done differently is support posts in the middle of the firebox to prevent the pretty severe sag. But it works quite well, and it doesn’t take much longer to cook than our barrel-sized ones did.

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/making-charcoal-trash-dumpster/

You can see that after she gets going, there’s not much smoke.

Quote: So that smoke stack is venting the inner chamber, not the fire box?

Chris, the smoke stack is venting the firebox through the space between the inner chamber and the outer sheet metal. The rest of the flames in Lee’s picture are volatile gases from the inner chamber that are leaking around the door.

Quote: It may be worth my while to come down and “borrow” that thing some time. I doubt I can get away with it in suburban Alexandria.

A charcoal retort would fit in really well with all of the other Fire & Brimstone equipment. And there are a bunch of you bloomers and buttons guys up in that area. Maybe you could cook something up. I hope Kerry doesn’t read this thread!

I ran this last weekend, thought y’all might want to see the final results. I removed about 50 lbs of charcoal before I took the picture.


Question : how full was that and how much shrinkage do you get?

My guess is that’s about 600lbs, that’s not much better than a guess. I think we often get about 800 lbs or even more from this retort, but this one was 1)mostly white pine, 2) not as tightly packed as some runs, and 3) had a little more loss from burning as a kiln (see below).

I sometimes run this as a combination kiln and retort. The evening before the main run, I burn a fire under it for several hours. When that dies down, and the retort is not pushing out gases so fast, the wood in the retort starts smoldering. I let it do this overnight, and then finish it off by cooking as a retort the next morning until it’s done, and then caulking the door tight. I let it run as a kiln longer this time, the white you see in the center of the box is ash from the time it smoldered as a kiln.

The advantages of doing it this way are that it’s a bit less labor and fuel stoking the firebox, and it gets a lot of the smokiest part done overnight, leading to fewer visits from the fire department. Disadvantage, is of course, a little less yield.


Hope this helps- a sketch cut through the center of the retort from front to back. There are 3 exhaust pipes from the coaling box into the fuel box, I think they are 2″ d pipe.

I don’t think there’s much special about this design that bears copying, particularly. It’s main advantage is its size. The biggest mistake we made was not supporting the coaling chamber well enough, which led to lots of distortion and leaking problems. But it works.

Thanks Skip Williams for the good kiln design , questions and asnwers



Big Size Charcoal Retort Kiln – Comercial Model Charcoal Kiln
Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/big-size-charco … coal-kiln/

This is a Comercial Model Charcoal Kiln . Being sale at too expesive price . but i think you guy can make yourself one charcoal kiln like this way cheaper .

The Pressvess retort - A big double charcoal burner opens up new markets for using wood waste

Though the kilns were pioneered by charcoal producers, Four Seasons Fuel from Sussex, they need high throughput to justify the investment. Which is why Forest Research are studying their use for filtering and the Glasshouse Project from West Midlands may be able to use such a system as part of their centre for people with learning difficulties, to provide work experience with such a kiln

bottom of this post have a video clips will show everything inside the kiln and the way it designed.

17530ba09b903344d996c25919c404b4 Big Size Charcoal Retort Kiln Comercial Model Charcoal Kiln
Charcoal Retorts

Double retort made with 10mm steel body, (2 units each of 1mtr x 2mtr x 15mm)Boiler plate charge drums

Total output charcoal of 350 – 400kg per burn pending on wood species & seasoning

The doors are made with 500mm of ceramic blanket sandwich in two plates of 4mm steel, which help heat retention.

The gases exhaust on the doors. When the gases are exposed and rise they pass through the vent in the door travel down in the fire box exhaust system this is made out from 8m s/steel tube with 4 exhaust ports which are pass though the fire bricks into the fire box then the gases reunite and rise up through the spaced fire bricks around the cylinders down to the rear vents and then retort again.

The entire inner part of the retort is lined with 500 mm of ceramic blanket, which is important to keep the heat retorting around the cylinders.

The burn time is 8 to 10 hours depending on the grade of wood you are using (8 to 10 hours is time based on OAK, ASH, BEECH or HORNBEAM). This is a lot less than with round kilns.


More Information on Charcoal Retorts

We use these same version of these retorts for charcoal production on our site. We use the wood’s natural gases to reheat the retorts. By using the wood””s natural gases to reheat the retorts the retorts offer significant advantages. The retorts systems offer a higher productivity and more efficient way of scaling up production than operating a larger number of small round kilns. Our retorts offer possibilities of more efficient use of raw materials. (i.e. 4 x1 ratio) is a normal for these retorts, (compared with the normal steel round kilns at 7 x 1 ratio)

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/big-size-charco … coal-kiln/



4′ Japanese Charcoal Kiln Direct method
Posted on November 16, 2012 by HotGirl — No Comments ↓

This is a 4′ diameter steel kiln patterned after Japanese charcoal kilns. It utilizes the hot flue gases from an external fire to char the wood. It can be built from commonly available materials.

This method can expand to bigger if you want and have enough wood . start your small charcoal business this way maybe a good start


Kiln assembled before installing .

Front view showing fire box


Underside of steel top


Landscape timber enclosure

Kiln inside the enclosure and dirt being added. Dirt is an insulator.


Dirt all filled in.


Front view


See next page for more detail pictures


Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/4-japanese-char … ct-method/



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